A complete personal protection equipment brand, offering the most enduring and reliable products that last longer.

Techtion® offers outstanding performance and affordability with its most enduring and reliable personal protective equipment, backed by superior quality processed and state-of-the-art technologies, to enable the customer to save on PPE costs.

Our extensive range of PPE provides maximum protection, ranging from Hand Protection, Safety Eyewear, Head Protection, Hearing Protection, Respiratory Protection and Foot protection

Reliable Personal Safety Solutions enabled by Technology

TECHTION® enables the customer to optimize on PPE spend by offering the most enduring and reliable products with superior quality and state of the art technologies. With its extremely comprehensive range, featuring well engineered products, we provides a complete head to toe solution for all PPE needs of the discerning end user – delivering a compelling value proposition on cost per use, bringing down cost of safety, lowering indirect costs and enhancing sustainability.

Endurance & Reliability

To be built throuh the endurance stamp; a quality hallmark for TECHTION®. It describes the superior processes, materials, coatings, and quality benchmarks with which our products are made, to ensure that they are the most enduring and long-lasting products in the market.